Friday, April 3, 2009

1981: The referee’s squad in Split

Group of international referees, in player’s costume, prior to a friendly match against the Journalists team, in the margin of Split 1981 European Championships.
Front row L-R:
Silha (Romania), Klisovic (Yugoslavia), Petrasovic (Austria), Butz (West Germany), Janssen (Netherlands). Middle row L-R: Klaric (Yugoslavia), Westermark (Finland), Bonev (Bulgaria), Toygarly (Turkey), Hantal (Turkey). Back row L-R: Blan (West Germany), Papazian (France), Prelovsky (Czechoslovakia), Angella (France), David (France), Vander Vreken (Belgium), Timoc (Romania), Burge (Great Britain), Bookelman (Netherlands), Pizzorno (Italy) and Klemencic (Yugoslavia).
Source: International Swimming and Water Polo; 1982/2 Nr 6