Tuesday, October 2, 2007

1946: The team of Maccabi Haifa

The team of Maccabi Haifa, Israel in 1946. Standing L-R: Biger Yitzack, Overy Beck, Arie Rossenfeld, Rudi Rehan, Uri Sarnow, Bezalel Bine, Pistiner Izzack, Isia Feigenbaum. Seating L-R: Paul Vago, Efraim Biger, Franzi Beck, Shlomo Tinshement.
Source: courtesy of Benny Karni; http://waterpolo.israel.googlepages.com/


  1. back row, fifth from left is Uri Sarnow (not Zerniv).

  2. First on the left in back row is Yitzhack Biger, goal tender of the team and older brother of Efraim Biger in the front row,

  3. Above corrections made on July 26th and August 2 2012 made by Uri Sarnow / Peter Schwarz.To whomever made the corrections please contact me a petschwa@msn.com and thank you!


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