Friday, June 2, 2017

Paolo De Crescenzo (Naples, 1950 - June 2, 2017) was an Italian Water Polo player and Coach. Paolo grew up in Canottieri Napoli under the leadership of Friz Dennerlein. He started in the first team in 1965, beginning his militancy in that group that dominated Italy's water polo in the 70s winning 4 Italian Championships and the 1977 European Champions Cup. In 1983 he became Head Coach of Posillipo Napoli and immediately won the sympathy of the environment. The coaching carrier of De Crescenzo from that point had an exponential rise: 9 Italian Championships, 2 Italian Cups, 2 European Cups and above all 2 European Champion Cup as well one European Super cup made him one of the most titled coaches of the Italian and European Water Polo. In the 2003-05 season he also led the National team to the Athens 2004 Olympic Games before returning for another two years to his beloved Posillipo, then retiring in 2007. In the summer of 2013 he returned to lead the A1 team Acquachiara, Napoli to its first European Participation.