Thursday, May 5, 2016

1979, Mexico City: The golden Universiade USA team

The golden United States Team coached by Dante Dettamanti at the World University Games 1979 in Mexico City. Ranking: 1) United States, 2) Russia, 3) Yugoslavia, 4) Romania, 5) Cuba, 6) Hungary, 7) Italy. A very strong competition as many countries had members of their National Team present in preparation for 1980 Olympic Games in the next year. Also present was National Team Head Coaches such as Miro Cirkovic (Yugoslavia) and  Boris Popov (USSR) From L-R: Greg Boyer, Jody Campbell, Peter Campbell, Jeff Stites, Jack Graham, Terry Schroeder, Doug Burke, Dave Myers, John Dobrott, Marty Davis, John Gansel.
Source: courtesy of Dante Dettamanti